Twitter: New Medium to Get Updated for Karachiites

After bad situation of Karachi become worst, from 2010 Karachiites looking for new news medium which can update them where ever they were. Some twitter users at that time start news related accounts in which they update news as they get from there sources, TV, radio etc. After twitter give free SMS alert service (40404), it`s become viral and people start following news accounts from their phones so they can updated.


Some twitter IDs become popular from time to time because of their authenticity, update on time etc.

1) @CityNews021


CityNews021 have large number of followers than any other its competitors (576K at the moment). CityNews021 start working from May 2011. CityNews021 gives neither gives Karachi news but also regional and international news. You can get news on your mobile from free SMS service and also there website CityNews021.Com

2) @FVBnews


FVBnews also very popular twitter account in Karachi. FVBnews have 178K followers at the moment. FVBnews start working from September 2011. FVBnews gives authentic news. You can get news on your mobile from free SMS service, just type in your message F<space>FVBnews and send it to 40404.

3) @KhiTraffic


KhiTraffic is purely traffic update account for Karachi, it provides news, updates, accidents, incidents, traffic alerts, traffic jam updates, protest updates etc. This account is managed by @RohailRamzanAli and @TanvirH. If you want to give updates to other people then you can, just type @KhiTraffic<space> and your update and send it to 40404 or if you use from PC then go to there ID and write your update.


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